Thank you for visiting the Urban Male Strategies website. I am excited that you have taken this step to take control of your financial future, and I look forward to assisting you with identifying and achieving your goals. 

Larry Turner has over thirty years in military experience and twenty years in federal law enforcement. Mr. Turner graduated with honors in the field of Criminal Justice (BS) from Jackson State University, Jackson Mississippi, and later obtained a Master degree in the field of Public Administration (MPA) from Troy University, Troy, Alabama. Mr. Turner has extensive experience in community relations and outreach programs;  most recently he has worked as a site facilitator with GearUp Alabama (under the auspices of the University of Alabama, Birmingham), encouraging students to excel in academics throughout their secondary and postsecondary careers. He has a passion for motivating the youth in the Montgomery community and has organized an annual job fair for the past two years. 

Due to his mother’s love for feeding the community during his formative years, and his mother's strong influence in his life, Mr. Turner has contributed to the Montgomery Area Food Bank on an ongoing basis. During his career as a federal law enforcement officer, he developed a passion for encouraging and mentoring others, particularly males during their transition from the federal prison system to the community, and continues to assist males of all ages to date. 

Mr. Turner is a Desert Shield /Desert Storm combat veteran.  During his military career (US Army), Mr. Turner graduated with an advanced degree from the Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and was subsequently promoted five times from the rank of Second Lieutenant to Colonel.  As Assistant Chief of Staff for Logistics, he provided logistical support to over 4,000 soldiers in the United States and overseas and managed an annual budget valued in excess of $10,000,000, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances and initiating corrective actions as required. 

Since retirement from law enforcement and the military, Mr. Turner has been able to sharpen his skills in a lifelong passion – financial literacy and economic empowerment in the face of urban blight. He has obtained certifications in life coaching, wealth building, money management, cognitive behavior facilitation, budgeting and personal finance. He has participated in several motivational engagements and is known for his fiery presentations. Due to his career and expertise, he has been coined a “life strategist” and has committed to schedule multiple career and money management workshops in the very near future.